Zerocoin Protocol

How can I convert my zPIV back to PIV?

Converting your zPIV back to PIV is a simpler process than you might think. Simply, send your zPIV to yourself!

The zPIV spend formular is located in your Wallet's Privacy tab.

The "Pay to" field will be your own address and the "Amount" field will be how much zPIV you will send (max. 7 denoms per transaction).

When you are ready, just click the "Spend Zerocoin" button and you've successfully converted your zPIV!

Keep in mind that if you want to convert more than 90% of your balance back to PIV, you need to disable the automint feature, else it will re-mint 10% of your PIV to zPIV.

Here you'll find a video how to disable the automint feature.

How Do I Disable The Automint?

The PIVX Core wallet will automatically convert a portion of your piv to zPIV. By default this is 10% but it is configurable anywhere between 0 and 100%. It can also be fully disabled as outlined below. See here for more information

Method 1
(GUI Only)

  1. Open the PIVX-QT software
  2. Select Settings > Options


3. Uncheck the "Enable zPIV Automint" checkbox


Method 2
(GUI and CLI)

  1. Close your PIVX wallet (or stop the pivxd daemon if you're running CLI)
  2. Navigate to your PIVX data directory
  3. Open pivx.conf (Click here if you are having trouble opening it on a Mac)
  4. Add the line


Video guide here:

Method 3
(CLI only)

When starting the pivxd daemon, use the startup switch as follows:

   $ ./pivxd -enablezeromint 0

Please note that this will only disable the automint during this session. If the wallet starts up without this startup switch afterwards, it will be reenabled