How can I submit logs?

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Providing Helpful Information

If you are experiencing issues with syncing, and would like to provide your log information, you can email a zipped copy of your debug.log file from your datadir. This may or may not contain useful information about syncing problems (the file is truncated periodically so errors may be too far back).

Default Datadir Locations

By default, they are located in the following locations for each OS type:
Go to Start > Run > %APPDATA%\PIVX
(or just enter the above path in explorer)
~/Library/Application Support/PIVX
(/Users/"username"/Library/Application Support/PIVX)

Alternatively, follow the steps outlined in this KB article and send the debug.log file once a stall in syncing is discovered.
Log files can be emailed to [email protected] with a link to download/view your log file ( may work depending on how large the log is).

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