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Wallet crashes or has crashed and now won’t launch. Fails every time. What do I do?
When will my MN get the next payment, and is masternode list related?
My wallet seems to have become stuck syncing and says remains at X hours left. It’s been many hours and status hasn't changed. What do I do?
Where are my wallet.dat, blockchain and configuration(.conf) files located?
How do I make a backup of the blockchain so I can avoid a full resync if something goes wrong?
My staking or masternode reward is much higher than expected. And/or my recent transactions aren't showing up in block explorer but my wallet is fully synced and seems up to date.
I'm seeing a lot of conflicted and/or orphan transactions as a result of staking but not winning those blocks. Is there a way to clean them up and not show them? I don't like seeing them.
How can I control which address my coins are sent from?
My PIVX wallet is missing some of my PIV or has no balance at all!, Easy steps to solve this
Nothing happens when I click Open Wallet Config File on my Mac
Staking FAQ
Mandatory Upgrade and Hard Fork FAQ
Why do some of my zPIV not appear?
How can I export / import zPIV?
My wallet is still autominting even though I added the line to disable it in my config file
A transaction does not appear in the destination wallet
How can I setup alerts or other actions when I win a staking or masternode reward?
Automatic zPIV minting and zPIV backup requirements
Which wallet download do I need?
How Do I Open my Wallet Configuration file on a Mac?

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