How can I setup alerts or other actions when I win a staking or masternode reward?

We get many questions about getting an email or text when a reward is won. This process may become easier when blockchain monitoring web services pop up, but for now there is a parameter that will help us accomplish this from the Core client. This command can be used as a startup switch or in your config file

Execute command when a wallet transaction changes (%s in cmd is replaced by TxID)


For example, you could run a script:

-walletnotify=%userprofile%\scripts\email.ps1 %s

-walletnotify=/home/turtleflax/scripts/ %s

These examples would launch a script and passes the transaction ID as a parameter to the script. The script could then do whatever you like, including logging to a file or sending an email. For email, you would need to set that up on your system independently. The following links may be useful for that:

If you would like to get a text message, you'll have to set up email and follow this guide:

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