Staking FAQ

  • Does staking require 24/7 uptime?
    No, but you will only be eligible for staking rewards while staking is active. If your computer is asleep, off, or offline you would not be eligible.
  • Does my amount of time staking or coin age affect my chances of winning rewards?
    No, PIVX proof of stake does not give more weight to older coins or clients with longer consecutive uptime. The only weight you have in staking is your (mature) PIV balance. Think of the block reward each minute like a lottery and each mature PIV is a ticket that increases your chances of winning
  • Can I optimize my inputs/UTXOs for better staking chances?
    This is debatable, but some people do swear by it. If you look at Stake Weight Spent on presstab's block explorer homepage, you will see that the network seems to choose UTXO of a certain size more often (2700 at time of writing). However, this could also be due to stakers optimizing their UTXOs to this size and creating a self-fulfilling prophecy situation.
  • Can I stake with zPIV?
    Yes, staking zPIV will reward a stake with 3 zPIV while staking with PIV will reward a stake with 2 PIV.
  • Why do I need to unlock my wallet for staking?
    An option to "unlock for staking only" has been included for security so normal transactions can't be sent during this type of unlock. An unlock is required because if you win the block reward, your PIVX client will send out the winning UTXO and it will come back with the reward included. So if your 2,010 PIV UTXO wins and the reward is currently 2.29, your client will send 2,010 PIV and get back 2,012.29 PIV. Here is an example on the block explorer (Output 2 is the masternode's reward). Please note, this is considered a transaction and the 3,004.25 PIV in that new input will be considered immature and ineligible for staking for 101 confirmations (about 101 minutes). After that time they will automatically be added back to your staking balance.
  • Can I stake on a Raspberry Pi?
    Yes, the Raspberry pi 3 can use the 32bit ARM build for Linux. The GUI usage matches other systems and there is a command line guide here. The Raspberry pi 2 Model B has been reported to work as well
    Its recommended to set a 1024Mb swap file at your Raspberry Pi, because the wallet requires more than 1GB of RAM at peaks (esp. when staking). Here are some instructions how to set the swap file. Stake without a swap file on a Raspberry Pi could corrupt your local copy of the Blockchain.

    Do I need to add "staking=1" to my configuration file?
    No, the only conditions for staking are listed here

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