When will my MN get the next payment, and is masternode list related?

(adapted from https://github.com/PIVX-Project/PIVX/issues/216#issuecomment-316534805 by Mrs-X)

The ranking from masternode list rank (or masternodelist for newer versions of PIVX), even when it might sound so, is NOT related to masternode payments, it's used to build consensus for SwiftTX and other things. Naming it rank was, umh, unlucky :-)

The decision to reward a masternode is (besides some other technical things) based on:

  • It must be enabled (have the 10000 PIV collateral, valid protocol version, and some other things)
  • The 10000 PIV collateral must be at least as many blocks (plus one) old as masternodes exist (e.g. would be 2172 right now)
  • It must be amongst the 10% oldest nodes (by last received payment)

If those prerequisites are all fulfilled the score for each of those 10% masternodes is computed.

The score is (basically) the hash (!) from some data from the blockchain and some properties of your masternode, so each node comes to the same result. The masternode with the highest score gets the payment.

But, and this is the important part: the hash is (more or less) a random number, so you never know which masternode will win beforehand.

And, if you have really bad luck, your masternode might stay in that 10% list for quite some time until it gets paid, I've had cases where I was paid after 8000 blocks instead of about 2000 blocks. But as long as you're masternode is enabled it stays in that 10% of nodes. In the long run, good and bad luck equals out and everyone gets the same number of rewards, so no need to worry.

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