Why do some of my zPIV not appear?

Modified on: Mon, 16 Jul, 2018 at 1:29 PM

Backing up and Restoring V2 zPIV from a Deterministic Seed

Please note that zPiv take at least 20 confirmations to complete minting, so if the confirms are around/near there, please wait for more confirmations. Also, zPiv mintings require further mintings of the same denomination in the pool to complete, so you can find if these are still awaiting more mintings of the same denomination under Privacy -> zPiv control -> drop down arrows to the left, and check the rightmost column.

Please be aware zPiv v1 signatures are stored in the wallet.dat used at the time of minting, so if you have loaded an older/different backup since then, or used this wallet on more than one machine, you will want to check your other wallet.dat backups from around the time of minting. You may need to run the below steps on all relevant wallet.dats.

If you are missing zPiv, please try the following steps:

First, go to tools -> debug console and enter the following commands in this order:

resetmintzerocoin true

The last command may lock up the client briefly.

Then, go to the Privacy tab and use the Reset and then ReScan buttons (this last one will take some time)

After the rescan is complete, missing zPiv should appear within a few minutes.

If the above information does not assist, check out this video guide by presstab:


If you are missing v2 zPIV, please try the following steps:

First, fully unlock you wallet, then go to tools -> debug console and enter the following command:

searchdzpiv 0 1000 2

This command may take some time to complete.

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