Document Updates


The PIVX Documentation website is synchronised to the main branch of a github repository.

Any pull request merged into the main branch of this repository will be deployed automatically to the website.

Contribution Process

  • All PIVX users & community members are welcome to raise any document suggestions, questions or issues on the PIVX Discord.
  • Contributions are also accepted in the form of Issues or Pull Requests on the above repository.
  • Pull requests will be merged into the main branch after they have been reviewed.

Documentation Sctructure

All documents are based on YAML frontmatter and GFM (GitHub Flavored Markdown Specification). A few enhanced markdown features are also provided in addition to some custom shortcodes.

Every document must have it's own folder/directory. The folder name must be in the format of where xx is a numeric position. The folder name becomes the pages slug/url and must be lower case with no spaces or other characters. Using a dash (-) to simulate a space is highly recomended for URL readability.

Documents must be named and placed into the document folder. Supporting images and files can also be placed into the same folder.

Tips and Tricks

On any PIVX Documentation page, click the git icon to view the page on github, then click the "Raw" button. (See image below.)


This reveals the pages YAML and Markdown code:


The only required YAML frontmatter is the title and is always placed at the top of the document

title: 'This is My Page Title'