Getting Started

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A Brief overview of PIVX

PIVX (Protected Instant Verification Transaction) is a privacy-centric coin, that introduced the world's first zk-SNARKs based financial data protection protocol on a Proof of Stake blockchain in 2020. This protocol was given the name SHIELD, announced on November 5th, 2020.

If you want to learn more about PIVX itself, head out to our official website:, and read the PIVX Economics Whitepaper available on the PIVX Economics page.

Getting Started with PIVX

The first thing you will need is a wallet to hold your PIVs. The PIVX Core Wallet is the solution that offers the most advantages:

  • It has all the functionalities of the PIVX network available natively
  • It is the most secure option
  • Running the Core Wallet adds a full node to the blockchain, so you contribute to running the PIVX network

Head out to the PIVX Core Wallet section of the documentation and decide if it's the right solution for you!

You can also choose a thirdparty wallet in Mobile & Hardware Wallets

Buying PIVX

Once your wallet is up and running, you need to pick an exchange and buy your first PIVs using either Fiat money or another Cryptocurrency. The PIVX project maintains a list of exchanges in the relevant section of the PIVX website: Exchanges.

You can then transfer your PIVs from the exchange to your core wallet.

The PIVX Rewards system

All blockchain communities that are decentralized have some sort of rewards system for people who help secure their network. In PIVX, anyone who has PIV can help secure the network and is able to receive rewards for their efforts by contributing to the proof-of-stake mechanism.

The first two methods below are two ways you can use your PIV to earn interest on what you already have. If you don’t have PIV, but you want to earn some, the third method allows your to earn by helping the community.

Method 1 – Running a Masternode

Running a Masternode, which requires 10,000 PIV. Run a Masternode

Method 2 – Stake Your PIV

Staking your PIVX, which has no required minimum, but requires you to keep a core wallet active. Staking Guide

Method 3 – Helping Out

There are also opportunities available all the time to help out with community projects funded by PIVX. If you help these projects along, you become eligible to earn PIV for your time and work. These opportunities include development, marketing, customer support, and more. If you’d like to help out with these activities, please reach out to us on Discord or in the Forums.

Amounts distributed

Every block (approx. 60 seconds), 6 PIV are created (Also sometimes called minting), which are then automatically divided into three pieces:

  • 1 PIV goes into a pool (The Treasury Budget) that is used to fund the growth of PIVX. Allocations are voted upon by the Masternodes owners as part of the monthly treasury allocations.
  • 2 PIV are randomly distributed to the staker who validated the block.
  • 3 PIV are distributed to a Masternode owner.

The reward system by design has a lot of randomness built into it. This is done for security purposes, and it makes it impossible to predict returns exactly.

Indicative calculators are available on the website and provide fair estimates of the potential returns for both staking and masternode ownership.

Additional resources

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