Staking with PIVX Core Wallet

2022-12-22 Staking

Staking with the PIVX Core Wallet requires very little setup.

Step-by-step setup

  1. Launch PIVX Core Wallet & make sure it is synchronized Synchronized Wallet

  2. Make sure the PIV you have in your wallet have at least 600 confirmations; this can be checked by hovering/clicking on any transaction in the core wallet Confirmed Transaction.png

  3. Unlock your core wallet for staking

    • In the PIVX Command line Wallet, type pivx-cli walletpassphrase YourWalletPassPhrase 9999999 true
    • In the PIVX QT Wallet, click on Wallet Locked/Staking Only, enter your password and confirm Unlock For Staking
  4. Confirm that staking is active by checking the status of the icon on top of the core wallet Staking Active

Staking status can also be checked using the following command line: ./pivx-cli getstakingstatus

  1. Enjoy your staking rewards, that will appear as transactions in your core wallet Staking Transaction

Troubleshooting staking issues

For any issues related to staking activation / rewards, please make sure you read the relevant FAQ at Troubleshooting Staking

If your problem is not documented in the FAQ, feel free to raise it on the PIVX Discord.

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