Ledger Hardware Wallet

2023-03-01 Wallets

A Ledger hardware wallet keeps your private keys in a completely offline environment isolated from your internet connection which can protect your private keys from hackers and malware. Visit the Ledger website to learn more about this device.

While your PIVX on a Ledger hardware wallet can be accessed with the Ledger Live app for desktop and mobile devices, the Ledger Live app does not currently support Cold-Staking or Masternode management. The following apps or software can help you interact with the Ledger device so you can get more from your hardware device:

  • MyPIVXWallet for Sending and Receiving PIV
  • The PET4L software for Cold Stakers
    • PET4L = PIVX Emergency Tool for Ledger
  • The SPMT software for Masternode management.
    • SPMT = Secure PIVX Masternode Tool


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