Drafting a Proposal

It's a good and recommended practice to post a draft or pre-proposal on the PIVX forum to obtain feedback from the community prior to submitting the proposal to the network. This allows you to adjust your proposal for things you may not have considered.

This forum post has excellent recommendations, tips and tricks on how to format your your pre-proposal and also makes it easier for masternode owners to decide on your proposal:

Feel free to:

  • Discuss your proposal with the community on Discord to gauge interest from the community/refine your idea.
  • Detail it in a forum post as mentioned above.
  • Gather feedback from the community adjusting the content of the proposal and budget accordingly.

Once you are confident with your proposal, you are ready to create and submit your proposal to the PIVX network, these resources can help you with that process:

NOTE - Posts from new forum members require validation from a "Forum Administrator" before they become visible to others. If this happens to you, please post a message on Discord to let the admins know that your post requires validation.

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