PIVX Command Line Core Wallet

The process to launch the PIVX Core Wallet in command line is called pivxd and can be found in the bin folder of the pivx core wallet.

The base command to launch the pivx core wallet is:

pivx-5.6.1/bin/pivxd -daemon

The pivxd process accepts multiple command line options that can be listed (along with their description) using the following command:

pivxd --help

When no options are specified, the pivxd process will use default values for all parameters (such as data folder, log file, etc.), or the ones specified in the pivx.conf file.

The pivxd server logs all of its activities in the $PIVX_HOME/debug.log file.

Starting the pivxd Process Automatically When the Server Starts

  1. Create a service file

    • sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/PIVX.service
  2. Copy the following to the newly created PIVX.service file. You may need to adjust the wallet version, the path to PIVX bin folder, and your username:

After=network.target [Service]
ExecStart=/home/piv/pivx-5.6.1/bin/./pivxd -daemon
ExecStop=/home/piv/pivx-5.6.1/bin/./pivx-cli stop
  1. Activate the service with this command:

    • sudo systemctl enable PIVX
  2. Start the service:

    • sudo systemctl start PIVX

Client Process

The process to access the PIVX Core Wallet in command line is called pivx-cli and can also be found in the bin folder of the pivx core wallet.
The following command lists all the available command line options:

pivx-5.6.1/bin/./pivx-cli help

The help function can also be used to get help on a particular command. For example the following returns instructions and examples for the getinfo command:

pivx-5.6.1/bin/./pivx-cli help getinfo

Useful Commands

  • pivx-cli walletpassphrase MyPassPhrase 999: unlocks the wallet for 999 seconds (for spending and staking)
  • pivx-cli walletpassphrase MyPassPhrase 9999999 true: unlocks the wallet for 9999999 seconds (for staking only)
  • pivx-cli getstakingstatus: Displays all details pertaining to staking (helpful to debug staking issues)
  • pivx-cli sendtoaddress "DMJRSsuU9zfyrvxVaAEFQqK4MxZg6vgeS6" 1.5: Sends 1.5 PIV to address DMJRSsuU9zfyrvxVaAEFQqK4MxZg6vgeS6

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